Read-Alouds: Ms. Allen read “How About Better Parents?” by Thomas Friedman and published by the New York Times.  The article was about how children need better parents to help with their education.  Children whose parents read to them in their early years were said to have scored higher on the Program for Internet Student Assessment test.  Amanda read an article called “Post-Divorce Parenting Mistakes and Strategies” by Dr. Phil.  I learned many things about things that parents shouldn’t do when they get a divorce.  Most of the time, the child thinks that it is their fault, and parents seem to let out their stress on the child.  When a child’s parents get divorced, their grades decline and it has a dramatic effect on them.  Jasmine read “Differing Views on Value of High School Tests” by Mary Pilon and published by the New York Times.  When I heard the title of the article, I assumed it would be about tests that students take on a certain subject, but it was actually about drug tests.  Schools were debating on whether all students or student athletes or any students at all should be tested for drugs.  Although I’m not an advocate for drugs, I do believe there is a certain respect that administration should have for the students.  Unless there is harm done to others or there is an unfair advantage thought to be because a student has taken drugs, students should not have to take a drug test.

  • Learning Experiences: We talked in class about many different things that we believe a good and bad teacher possess.  We discussed advantages and disadvantages of methodologies such as groups, questioning, lecture, technology, etc.  On Wednesday, we shared facts and questions about two chapters that we were assigned to read from a book written by David Elkind.  It was interesting learning all of the things that influenced change in society and change in teenagers.  I never knew how much we go through as teenagers and how difficult it can be for some teenagers.   On Friday, we learned about teachers in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and how they contrasted with each other and today.  Religion and modesty were emphasized in the late 1800’s more than in the early 1900’s, but today, religion and modesty in schools is far from what it used to be in earlier years.  My favorite part of the week was getting to watch a documentary called American Teen that showed the lives of students in Warsaw, Indiana in 2006.  They were in different social groups and it showed the ups and downs of high school.  Eventually, they all were getting accepted to colleges and they went off to start a new chapter in their lives and it made it more real for me that I will be going off to college soon as well!
  • Current Event: Teachers are now being victimized in schools and 25% of employees in medium-sized schools have reported being bullied or seeing another employee being bullied.  A teacher from Augusta, Maine told her story and proved that administrators do bully teachers. http://neatoday.org/2012/05/16/bullying-of-teachers-pervasive-in-many-schools/
  • Quote of the Week: “Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do.”-John Wooden;  I chose this quote because I thought it was inspirational.  Many students are torn down when they can’t do something and they let it effect them.  However, that doesn’t mean that they should give up and not try to do something else.  
  • Observations: In American Teen, I observed that high schools are the same in a way and that a lot of teenagers interact and act the same no matter how large or small their school is.  Clics may be smaller and there may not be as many, but they do exist.  The documentary proved that teenagers do things without thinking and don’t think about the repercussions of something they do.  I liked being about to see how other seniors acted and how their lives were.
  • Reflections: It is becoming more and more real now for me that I will be graduating in a little over a month!  We are getting closer to starting our internship which seemed so far away in the beginning, but now it is only three days away!  I’m somewhat nervous about my internship because I don’t know if the children will like me, but I have the knowledge I need to enable me to be a good intern. 

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