3/31/13 Easter!

Read-Aloud: This week, Amanda was supposed to do her read-aloud, but we did’t have time for her to do it.  Therefore, there was not a read-aloud this week.

Learning Experiences: We went to three schools this week to do observations.  On Tuesday we went to Charleston Development Academy.  Wednesday and Thursday we went to Laing Middle School and Fort Johnson.  The first school we went to was very small and there was only one glass for each grade.  I enjoyed being able to connect with some of the students there because some of them needed personally advice which Jasmine and I were able to give.  At Laing Middle School we were all split up and I got to observe a math class and orchestra class!  The orchestra class was interesting and it was great being able to see a teacher who is so knowledgeable teach her students!  At Fort Johnson, we went to the career fair and observed which tables the children gravitated to.  The boys went to the more manly career tables like police officers and the girls went to the tables where there were pets.

Current Event: In Wheaton, Illinois,  at an evangelical college, homosexual students are experiencing a change in the attitudes that are expressed towards them.  Many homosexual Christians were coming out and many of the students didn’t know how to feel.


Quote of the Week: “When you know better you do better.” -Maya Angelou

I liked this quote because I feel that if you are more knowledgeable, you’ll be able to do better in everything you do.  This doesn’t just apply to education, it applies to everyday life!

Observations: I observed that despite stereotypes, children who go to school in the projects are just as smart as children who go to school in higher end areas.  Most people think that schools that are in lower end areas don’t get enough resources to be able to teach students well.  However, most of the students that we observed in the lower end area were intelligent even though they didn’t have as many resources available to them.

Reflections: It was cool seeing middle schools this week and I found it interesting that it seemed like high school!  I liked seeing the different schools because they all use different techniques.  I found out that all the schools use different techniques to accommodate the students and their needs.


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