Read-Aloud: Michelle had her read aloud this week and she read an article called “Boy ‘Driven to Suicide by Bullies” by James Tozer.  The article described how a young boy committed suicide because he was bullied at school.  It brought to light the severity of suicide because of bullying in America today.   

Learning Experiences: This week to started off with presenting our preschools to the class to finish off our preschool section.  We then moved to elementary schools and to show how elementary schools are, we went to Drayton Hall.  All of us went to different classrooms to see a variety of students.  I went to Ms. Wilson and Mrs. Blalock’s classroom to observe; Ms. Wilson taught 1st grade and Mrs. Blalock taught 4th grade.  The teachers try to incorporate iPads into their lessons to enable the children to learn in an easier in more fun way.  We also went to Stiles Point and Harborview Elementary schools to observe.  In Stiles Point, they were in a newer building and had specific colors to create a calm environment for the children.  I observed a second grade classroom, however, there wasn’t much to observe since they were testing.  Harborview Elementary was an older building and I observed a 5th grade classroom.  They were listening to a lesson on a science topic and the teacher interacted with the students well.  He chose students to read from the book, and showed visual explanations of what he was teaching about how light travels through the eye.  There was rows of desks and the students in each row had to check each others homework and see if they completed it.  I thought both schools were nice and had great teachers to teach the students!

Current Event: Some students in Smyrna Beach, Florida are now allowed and pushed to use their cell phones, lap tops, and other technology in the classroom to help them with their school work.  Once again, this is proving how our world is turning to technology.


Quote of the Week: “Learning gives creativity.  Creativity leads to thinking.  Thinking provides knowledge.  Knowledge makes you great.” -APJ Abdul Kalam

I chose this quote because I feel that it explains the process of learning and what it can lead to!  Learning can create many opportunities for someone and having knowledge can help anyone be successful in life.

Observations: During each school visit that we have taken, I’ve observed that each school has different colors.  The principals take the time to tell us that they have the school a certain color because he creates a calm feeling.  Before the school visits, I didn’t think much of the colors of the school and how it. could effect the children academically and emotionally!

Reflections: I enjoyed seeing the schools this week and learning about elementary schools!   I still don’t believe that I would want to be a teacher, but it is great to have a back up plan just in case my original career plan doesn’t work out!  Learning how schools function is an eye-opening experience and as students, we don’t realize the hard work, organization, and politics involved in schools for them to be able to operate.  I have a new-found appreciation for teachers!



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