Blog #7

Read Aloud: Amanda read, “Parents Struggle with Decision to Medicate Bipolar Kids” by Korina Lopez; USA Today was the publisher.  The article was from the point of view of many different mothers and they voiced their opinions on medicating their children who have bipolar disorder.  Many statistics were included in the article as well such as, two percent of children and teens are diagnosed, 5.7 million people have bipolar disorder and many are diagnosed before the age of 19 years old, and half of children fourteen and older with the disorder drop out of school.  I thought that these statistics were interesting because so many people are getting diagnosed with bipolar disorder and it is beginning to be more understood by those in the medical school.  It is not known for sure it is a hereditary disease, however one is four to six time more likely to develop the disorder if it runs in one’s family.  I thought that the article was interesting and informative.  The article could be used in a classroom to inform many students who do not know about bipolar disorder of the dangers of the disorder.  This article could be appropriate for late middle school and high schools students who would understand the medical terms that are throughout the article.

Learning Experiences: We went to the Early Childhood Development Center downtown near the College of Charleston, which is a preschool.  They are in such high demand that they have a waiting list with over 300 children on it.  College of Charleston students of workers get first priority at this preschool.  We learned that their preschool is different than other preschools in that they use different techniques with the children.  For instance, they encourage argument because it involved problem solving that the children can work on themselves.  We also got to observe the different age groups in observation booths which was interesting!  The youngest age group played together very well and were calm which is the opposite of how I would’ve thought that age would act.  We also watched a documentary called Dying to Be Thin.  The documentary was about eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia.  It was informative and we learned that eight million people have eating disorders; men as well as women.  Eating disorders are a large problem in America and the documentary targeted ballerinas and models specifically describing how they had to maintain a certain image and were criticized if they didn’t.  The rest of the week we did our last Lit. circle for the book Speak and we did more research for our lessons which are due next week.

Current Event: Northwoods Fine Arts Academy in Oklahoma believes in preparing children well before they go to kindergarten.  Putting children through preschool was even mentioned by President Obama in the state of the Union speech and he stated that early education is important in the greater development of a child.

Quote of the Week: The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” -Aristotle

I chose this quote by Aristotle because I believe it is really valid.  To many students, school is a waste of time and useless.  However, to me, education is important, but difficult.  Although education is bitter, the ending is sweet and can enable one to achieve their career goals.

Observations: When we went to the Early Childhood Development Center, we learned that they use different techniques with the children there.  When we were in the observation booth for the oldest group of children, they sat in a circle on the rug where they talked about crickets that a student brought in.  The teacher was attentive and gave all the students a chance to speak about what they saw.  Therefore, when there are many children, the teacher must give all the children a chance to speak so they don’t feel like they are being ignored.

Reflections: All in all, I learned many new things about eating disorders and about ECDC. It is interesting learning about people’s experiences  who have had eating disorders as well because it opens up your eyes to the many health problems that people may have and face everyday.  Being able to see ECDC was a great experience and I thought it was a great establishment and environment for children to learn and grow in.  


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