Blog #5

Read-Alouds: I read an article published by Mlive titled Hemlock High School Crowns Autistic Boy as Homecoming King by Maria Amante.  The article was about a high school senior named Michael Pitt who has autism.  Pitt was liked by everyone at his high school and it proves to everyone who reads it that everyone is equal and those who have special boundaries can function normally in society.  I liked and chose this article because I believed that it showed how a high school boy who is autistic is liked by many people just as much as a normal high school boy.  This article may be appropriate for middle school and high school students.  It could be used in the classroom to demonstrate how everyone is equal, whether they have a special boundary or not.

Learning Experiences: We began the week still learning about special boundaries.  We had to spend the whole day in someone else’s shoes who had a special boundary and experience it for ourselves.  My special boundary for that day was being in a wheel chair.  It was the most frustrating, slow days of my life!  I’m a fast-paced person and I always like to run up the stairs and get upstairs or downstairs quickly, but I couldn’t do that when I was in a wheel chair because I had to go on the elevator multiple times during the day to get to where I needed to go.  Doing that exercise helped all of us in the teacher cadet class realize how grateful we were to be the way we are and how much respect we have for those who do have special boundaries.  Also, on Tuesday we went to Mitchell Elementary where we sat in on a special-ed classroom with three children, all of which were boys, while they went about their morning.  Although they were the age of first graders, they were all on a kindergarten level intellectually.  I thought it was interesting to watch how the children interacted with each other and how the teacher interacted with them.  I did not like how bland the teacher was, however we did discus how that may have been a tactic used specifically for those children to keep them calm so they could learn in the allotted amount of time.  The next day I read my article about an autistic boy winning homecoming because it pertained to our lesson on special boundaries.  We began our new lesson on racism and we watched a video called Class Divided.  The video included a group of third grade students around the early 70’s who took part in a racial experiment.  Their teacher told them that blue-eyed people were better on the first day and that brown-eyed people were better on the second day.  On both days one of the groups of students were discriminated and made fun of by their fellow students which proved that if the children were told that some were better than the others, they would believe it and act upon it.

Current Event: Teachers are innovating exercise into their lessons in school to help students focus and release energy.  It is statistically proven that one becomes tired when one sits for a long period of time, therefore, it is a great technique to incorporate exercise into class rooms.

Quote of the Week:  The quote I chose this week is, “The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth.”  -Erasmus

I chose this quote because I believe the future of America lies in the hands of the youth.  As young people, we need to have an education in order to be able to further education those who come after us.

Observations:During the day that we wore a disabilities, I noticed that people felt bad for me and were asking if I was okay.  I truly felt like I was in someone’s shoes who was handicapped and noticed that everyone was treating me differently.  I didn’t like that everyone was treating me differently and I was getting annoyed.  Some people I didn’t even talk to were wondering how I was and wondered what was wrong.  Therefore, I now have a new found respect and appreciation for those who are handicapped.

Reflections: I learned that everyone is the same and should all be treated the same whether they are white or black, are healthy, or have a special boundary.  We are all human beings and deserve to be treated like human beings!


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