Blog #4

Read-Alouds: Jasmine read I’m Gunna Like Me, Letting Off Alittle Self-Esteem by Jamie Lee Curtis.  The ISBN number is 0060287624.  This book is appropriate for elementary students up to the fourth grade.  I would use it to teach about self-esteem and feeling good about oneself.  During this time, children are often bullied and made fun of, therefore, a self-esteem book would be appropriate to lift their spirits!

Learning Experiences– Throughout the week, we made our big book about Tina the turtle and her experiences with her new glasses.  We took the big book to Orange Grove Elementary on Friday to read to a CD class and a kindergarten class.  It was interesting reading to different age groups because they interacted differently to our questions as we read the book.  On Thursday, Ms. Allen showed usthe  F.A.T. City series that took place in 1989.  Richard Lavoie spoke about the characteristics of learning disabled children, ways to address their special needs, and methods to avoid when working with those with special needs.  The videos were informative and I learned many new things that I did not know before in relation to those with special needs and how they learn and perceive things.  

Current Event– In San Francisco, a teacher uses cell phones in the class room to do a daily challenge question related to the lesson.  Since cell phones are used constantly in today’s society, teachers now try to incorporate them into the classroom to get students more comfortable and willing to learn. 

Quote of the Week– “Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way.” -George Evans

I like this quote because it relates to what we were learning in class about those with special boundaries.  This quote is saying that every student is capable of learning, however, we all learn at different paces and in different ways.  This goes back to what type of learner we are as well.

Observations– At Orange Grove Elementary, I noticed how the teacher in the kindergarten class interacted with her students.  She was patient, firm, kind, and rewarded them when I gave them a compliment.  When working with young children, one has to remember to be understanding, yet firm, with the children.  Different ages act differently and we have to be accustomed to the age group we work with and how they may act.

Reflections– I enjoyed making the big book and reading to the children at Orange Grove Elementary.  It was a good experience to be able to interact with the children for the first time and see how they responded to our book.  I learned that you have to use the C.A.R. technique which means, comment, ask a question, and respond to their answer.  The technique worked great with the children!


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