Blog #3

Read-Alouds: Ms. Allen read The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf.  The ISBN # is 0448456942.  Most bulls would butt heads in the fields, but Ferdinand would not.  All the other bulls were practicing for the bull fights in Madrid, however, Ferdinand did not want to be like everyone else!  He just wanted to sit under his favorite tree and smell the flowers.  I enjoyed this book because the moral behind the story was meaningful to me.  The moral was that even though everyone else acts and does certain things, you should always be your own person.  I would use this book for all age groups because the meaning of the book can influence all ages.  It could be used to explain that everyone can be their own person and they do not have to follow the crowd and be like everyone else.

Learning Experiences: This week we learned about the different kinds of development; physical, cognitive, social, and moral.  Each developmental category has different levels of development.  At different ages, the body changes in many ways over time.  We also learned about our self-worth and having a high or low pot.  In a way, the pots represent the buckets that we made and we can either fill and empty our buckets or pots which either lowers our self-worth or makes it higher.  Dr. William Purkey created an overview of the self-concept theory which describes who we are and how we fit into the world. He also talks about positive and negative behaviors and how the childrens’ behavior and parents’ repercussions may affect the children and their self-worth.  The article that we read in class about the self-esteem fraud ties into the other activities that we completed throughout the week.  The fraud is that teachers in America, compared to China and Japan, gave unnecessary praise to students and do not reprimand the students for doing poorly.  China and Japan just saw mistakes as an index that remains to be learned through persistence.

Current Event: Textbooks are soon going to be few and far between in the near future.  Due to technology, textbooks are going to be just be on iPads and computers and students will no longer have to carry books around.  Although things like this are already happening, textbooks are still used in classrooms and have not been completely eliminated.


Quote of the Week:  The quote that I chose for this week is: “It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.” – Ann Landers  I chose this quote because I feel like it is true because if a teacher teaches the children to be able to do things for themselves, then they will be able to become successful in the future.  

Observations: When I went to the teacher cadet conference this past Saturday, I learned that special education children and being engaging in the classroom.  Learning these new techniques and how to teach children with special barriers.  

Reflections: This past week, I learned a lot about self-esteem and the different types of developing.  It gave me a new perspective on how at different developmental periods, learning is different for different ages!  Now that I have learned about different ages and how they learn, when I’m around children I try to incorporate what I learned.


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